In My Violin


I have to play that song that I still remember for so long,
There’s something about it that has kept it going in me all along.

I have been here playing my violin on the street everyday,
Do stop and listen to my song sometime you are out on a holiday.

I can tell you deep stories that I play on my violin if you want,
But don’t really listen for long as some of those stories might just haunt.

I think that you judge my life looking at me with a hurried look,
If you only knew how the violin found me you would write a book.

I play for you even though you are not there in front of me,
Maybe you would listen to the tunes if I didn’t play for free.

I have to tell you a secret that not many know so far,
There are three diamonds in my violin that I found in a hidden jar.

I feel you might laugh at this with the thought that I do joke well,
But you have to agree that my music has a kind of magnetic spell.

I hope you can understand that it is not for money that my violin plays,
There is enough money in my violin that if you knew you would just stare and gaze.

I stand there on the street playing with diamonds in my violin,
Waiting for that one person who would one day absorb my music deep within.


Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. Nicely composed poem…it is well rhymed too.Hope the violinst soon finds that one ‘significant ‘ human- being who would fully absorb his music.One really needs to listen to these street’-music players with the same alertness& interest as one would listen to the musician playing his instrument in the auditorium..filled with entralling audience.

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