I Got Some Space


Can you see me in that glittering white space suit flashing a smile?
I don’t think you really know how good it feels to be so worthwhile.

Do you see that ‘blue marble’ behind me with specks of white?
You have always lived on it with the dream to someday fly over it like a satellite.

How do you think I landed here in this vacuum with a shiny helmet?
Maybe everything came together to get me to feel famous like Haley’s comet.

How can you believe that a 35-year-old is standing above the Earth that is 4.5 billion years old?
All I can say is I got some space around me to let some mysteries unfold.

Don’t you think I must feel so stuck breathing inside a suit of cloth that keeps me alive?
That’s the only compromise I agreed to when I signed on to take this amazing space dive.

Will they allow me to get you a lasting souvenir from space?
This is the only thought that distracts me when I am out working in this noiseless place.

When would you like to take my place here to relieve me?
I know you can spend millions if you had but a chance to feel so free.

Why don’t you pray for such a chance to fall in your lap?
That would be the day indeed when I would clap and clap.

May I take your permission to go back to work now?
I have a lot of space to cover and little time to figure out how.


Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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