How Do You Earn More Money


Money makes the world go around.
Money is the basic foundation of life.
Money is the honey of life.
Money makes everyone smile.

What do you think of these statements? They are true. You can’t argue with the truth that likes hidden in them.

Everybody wants money. Of course, this want is not just a want, but a need. After all, if you are to survive your stay on this planet today, then you have to have money. Without money, you would not be able to drive your body too long. After all, at the very core level, money brings food to your body, which gets converted to energy and you carry on living your life.

Big question: How do you earn money?

At this point, you are allowed to smile at me, asking yourself: ‘Is there something wrong with him?’

I hope there’s nothing wrong with me, mentally speaking. But I just thought that if I really put this very basic question in front of you, then it might help both of us in being clear about certain things.

1. I WANT TO EARN MONEY: You have to agree that everybody in his right mind wants to earn money. It’s not a luxury, it’s a need. So everybody wants in. So, what do they do? Of course, you know the answer to this even more basic question. They find a job, or they set up a business of some kind and they start earning money.

Doesn’t this answer the above-mentioned ‘big question’? I have my doubts, even if you don’t have any.

2. I WANT TO EARN MORE MONEY: Now, we are talking. So, you want to earn more money. Well… know the answer to this one too, isn’t it?

Get a better job that pays more money, or get more customers for your business so that you earn more money. Simple.

Really? I feel that you have some doubts now at this point. Reason: If it was this simple to earn more money, everybody would be earning more money. But not everybody is earning more money. Maybe some are earning more money than all the rest combined.

Why don’t we come back to the big question: How do you earn money?

Let me give you a deeper version of your own answer. You said, find a job or set up a business and anybody can start earning money. True.

But if you want to earn money, then you have to go for a brain shift. In other words, your brain needs to understand this little fact: You earn money when you provide/give/build some product or service.

In a job or a business, you are providing/giving/building some product or service to your client/clients. This is getting you money.

But, what if you want more money, then what? Based on the above explanation, your intelligent brain can do some quick thinking and present you an acceptable answer.

The answer is: You can earn more money by providing/giving/building better product or service to your client/customer.

It all boils down to just two things: Product and Service.

If you have a better product or a better service in any field that you operate in, then get prepared to have clients and customers beating a path to your door with their cheque books, or even cash. 

This is how everyone you personally know, or don’t know is earning lots of money.

So go ahead, use your mind, creativity, intelligence, persistence and determination and earn a lot of money.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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