How Technology Brings You Closer to the World


Technology today is so much different from the technology on offer 10 years back.

We have better phones to use for a start. When we first started using phones, the best ones were said to be feature-rich. Today the phones that you use are called smartphones.

Yesterday, sitting here in India, I chatted on video call with a cousin in USA using a smartphone. Just imagine this technology.

Right now, as I type out this blogpost, I am also simultaneously attending a webinar.

A webinar, you ask?

Yes, a webinar is simply a seminar that is conducted online, using the internet. ☺

So, here I am attending a webinar with more than 1400 other people.  All of us are attending this same seminar sitting in our respective home located in so many different cities of the world.

This is technology connecting us instantly even though we are sitting thousands of kilometers from each other.

We take technology for granted today. We just switch on our wifi at our home and start connecting/browsing online through our smartphones or computers.

But the important thing is that you and I we should use technology wisely. Technology is such a boon today for you. Just imagine you are using the popular messaging platform ‘Whatsapp’ daily. It has become an integral part of your life, even more important than Facebook.

So, build your social and business connections with care using technology to its fullest. Connect with all the wonderful people in different corners of the world as best as you can. Build those relationships and you will build yourself. ☺

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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