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Ten Reasons to Measure Your Progress


Whenever you decide to start something, you have an objective for it. You want to achieve that objective as it will help you in some way.

But how many times have you measured your journey towards that objective? Interesting thing is as soon as you start measuring your progress, things become clearer.

Here are some reasons why you can think of measuring your progress regularly:

1. When you measure your progress, the brain gets the message that you seem to show commitment.

2. When you measure your progress and write it down, say on a notebook, you get to see in black and white how you are doing.

3. When you measure your progress and you even talk about it with your friends and relatives if you feel like it,  your listeners also get inspired to start on their own journey of progress.

4. When you measure your progress, you begin to learn in right earnest what works and what doesn’t.

5. When you measure your progress, your psyche psyches you up to reach your objective faster, almost on auto mode.

6. When you measure your progress, it powers your own resolve to take daily steps to keep progressing.

7. When you measure your progress, you shut out all negativity and power-sucking thoughts that might creep inside your mind without your knowing.

8. When you measure your progress, you start gaining knowledge that will power and improve many of your internal qualities and virtues.

9. When you measure your progress,  you begin to have confidence in yourself that once you have achieved your current objective, you can aim for even higher objectives.

10. When you measure your progress, you will ultimately be the expert who others will reach out to, so that they too can achieve your level of success. ☺


2 comments on “Ten Reasons to Measure Your Progress

  1. Manika khanna
    April 17, 2016

    Point no. 4 & 9 are very appealing..If one can be so meticùlous & systematic in measuring one’s progress,then nothing can stop one from achieving it.If taken the right path judiously,SUCCESS will follow soon.All the best.😊☺👍👍

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