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If You Can Write For Clients


Can you write?

You can?! Great. What do you write?

No really, I would like to know what you write. Because if you write something that is grammatically fine and makes sense while reading it, then you have a chance.

Yes, you have a chance to earn a bit on the side! 🙂

If you are interested to earn from your writing, then it is possible to do it, even if you have never done it. This can be done, even if you feel that your English is not as good as it should be.

I am not joking. If you can write something that can be categorized as ‘fair English’, if not ‘good English’, then you have a chance to earn some money.

How? Well, for starters, there are many people who want someone to write for them something in English.

There are people in your city who want something written for either of these things and they are willing to pay:

* their website (personal/business)
* their blog (personal/business)
* their marketing literature
* their company flyer
* their email newsletter (personal/business)
* their social media accounts like Facebook/twitter/LinkedIn (personal/business)

There are also people who are not in your city, but they could be located in any city around the world. They too need something written in English for either of these things and they are willing to pay:

* school essay
* poem
* app content
* ebook
* website/blog content
* marketing content

There are other paid categories too for which English writers are required. But, for those categories you have to be a ‘good writer’ with proven and published credentials.

But, we are not talking about those categories now. I am interested in knowing only if you can spare time and commit to writing not only for yourself, but for a prospective client too. So, how do you go about it?

You are a new writer, currently writing only for yourself. You don’t have any published, market-ready clips of your writing. So, what hope is there for you to land a client who will pay you? Is this what you are saying?

Don’t worry. There is a way out.

1. Start writing samples of all the above mentioned categories to the best of your ability. Write those samples out properly yourself. Edit it after you have written it, so that it becomes the best writing you are capable of.

2. Take out a computer printout of those samples and insert them in a plastic portfolio. This becomes your work sample portfolio. You can show this around to prospective clients, when the time comes to meet them.

3. Keep reading writings of the best samples of the categories you wrote your sample on. This will help you improve your writing.

4. Get a visiting card made of yourself. Highlight your name, address, contact and email. Then put in bold letter the services that you offer in terms of writing. If your prospective client can see right on the card itself, what writing you can do, then you are the one he will contact you whenever there is a writing job to be done.

5. Think of some kind of rate for your writing service. Yes, think of some money or amount that you would like to charge for whatever you get a chance to write. Why? Because once you get the call, then your client would like to know about your writing experience. When you say that you have none, then he can say goodbye to you, or give you a chance when he sees your sample portfolio, which you will eagerly show to him. If your prospective client is satisfied, then his next most obvious question will be: How much do you charge for your service? At this point, you should have some answer. (You can also not state your rate to the question and delay it. But we can discuss this point later.)

Hope you got the gist of what we are discussing here. There are many ways to earn money in this world. There are also legitimate, legal and interesting ways to earn money. Writing for your client is one such way.

If you ready to take this chance, then money is ready to come to you. 🙂


4 comments on “If You Can Write For Clients

  1. Jay Colby
    April 19, 2016

    Great advice

  2. Manika khanna
    April 18, 2016

    Money according to me if earned by legitimate means,will only be friitful &lead one to prosperity..It is very to by which means ur money is being earned..coz self-satisfaction & contentment will only follow with the right path.Nice write-up.An inspiration for the beginners.

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