When The Powder Flies


This is called preparation with flying powder.

The white dust rolls around to settle on me like gunpowder.

The markings on my body point to a life statement that I cherish.

There was a time so long back that I just wanted to perish.

Today the firmness in me is such  that mountains bow in respect.

The sinewy muscles on my agile body are just what I determinedly expect.

There is no going back now from the action that I have set in motion.

They brought her to me saying pack all your fire and emotion.

She is with me now without a thought crossing her mind.

She lies quiet looking out at the lake imagining her life in rewind.

Why have they brought her to me  when I have nothing to offer.

All I can see is that her eyes look at me with a feeling that I can’t decipher.

Not a word is spoken between us since the day she came.

I spend my day making my body strong so that I can play their game.

I have done enough for them that no mere mortal could have done.

But it is time now to set matters straight and get some things undone.

She is in for a surprise when I plan to take her out tomorrow.

I have been training hard for the day when I release my first arrow.

She would be the excuse as I take them out one by one.

They have me in their steely grip they think like everyone.

But they had never bargained how her eyes would change me so much.

She did one day speak to me wordlessly with a powerful touch.

This has to come to an end sooner or later.

They will regret the day they thought they could stop me being a fighter.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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