The 8 Best Things About Music and Walking For Me


After a long time, I decided to combine music with my walking today evening.

I have a regular walking schedule which I intend to convert into a daily walking schedule. Sitting in front of a laptop for long makes you want to stretch your legs a bit. For a few days now, I have chosen the late evening time for my walks. However, I still think that the early morning time might be better.

So, as soon as I adjust my night sleep schedule and begin to sleep earlier, I should be able to grab the morning walk time.

Today evening I decided to listen to some music. No, I am not too keen on listening to the Radio FM stations due to the constant chatter of RJs and the unending line of ads that irritate between songs. So, I recently came across a collection called ‘100 Best Rock songs from the 90s’. I nodded to myself and said that yes, today is the day when I get to play rock while I walk. 🙂

I had already listened to some songs from this album earlier, so I just pressed play on my phone and the next series of songs in the list started playing. I think I enjoyed the experience as I listened to rock songs like: Jeremy (Pearl Jam), Man in the Box (Alice in Chains), Lightning Crashes (Live), Enter Sandman (Metallica) and All Apologies (Nirvana)

Here are some things that I liked while combining music and walking:

–> 1. Walked faster: For some reason, probably the beat of the songs, I walked faster than my usual pace.

–> 2. Calm mind: I felt my mind was quite calm and there was no rush of thoughts to distract me from one topic to another.

–> 3. No need to take calls: I got a call from someone while walking and I didn’t feel the impulse to take that call. I told myself I could postpone it till the walk was completed. Plus, I didn’t like that the call broke my song mid-way.

–> 4. Upbeat mood: As the songs played on, I felt my mood to be quite positive. Was it because of the music being played or a combination of thoughts I was thinking, that was keeping step with the melody, I don’t know. 🙂

–> 5. Best time for songs: I think combining music and walking is the best time for me to listen to songs. Any other time might be difficult, as while working and concentrating on writing any other time of the day, the songs and melody would interfere with my focused thought pattern for some write-up that I might be working on.

–> 6. My music hour: Walking is the ideal time for me to plan out in advance and listen to all the different kinds of music I think I have missed out on. Music hasn’t been on my daily to-do list, so to say, but this way I can nicely count it as my music hour. 🙂

— > 7. Build my music knowledge: I have always thought that I have some ear for music. It’s like I feel that I know within 30 seconds of listening to some song whether I like it. Now, I can listen to different genres of songs and create a list of songs that I like and maybe recommend them to you too. This would add to my music knowledge.

–> 8. Forget myself: I think you would understand that if you listen to music and if it is good music, then you forget yourself for a period of time as you listen to it. This dual combination of music and walking too makes me forget myself and live in the world of the musical artistes who composed and presented the music to the world.

So, who was that guy who said, ‘If music be the food of love, play on’? 🙂

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. The guy who said’if music be the food of love,then play on”is Duke Orsino…the main character of the play Twelfth Night..i hope enjoying music with brisk walking might have been an engrossing & interesting activity…if one could really forget for even for few moments..who one is..then nothing like it…in an organised manner benifits of music with walking have been highlighted…😊😊👍👍

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