Tell Me A Secret (A sonnet)


I have to tell you something about your friend,

You thought he was such a serious guy so far;

But I met him at a party last weekend,

He made so many jokes after a few drinks at the bar.


I told him that I was your close friend from school,

He laughed saying that he was the only close friend you could have had;

I thought this was a joke which I found quite uncool.

Then he said that you could not take criticism which was sad.


He called me last Sunday morning asking if I was free in the afternoon,

I hesitated as I was not sure why he wanted to meet me again;

He said that he wanted to tell me something about you soon,

At the meeting he showed me a picture of you standing in the rain.


Then he said he lied about you to know how I would react.

He smiled saying rain brought you to him and he was grateful of this fact.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. Short & nice sonnet.I felt more story could be told through this poem…had it not been a sonnet..😊☺

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