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Musical Notes in Nature


There is something about playing music in the lap of nature that cannot be compared to anything.

Here I am (not really me. It’s some other cool guy 🙂 ) with my Gibson guitar sitting on a rock playing a tune that has been rocking my mind for a week. Writing software for a living and creating music for a life are two different things.

Today, the mountain in the horizon and the river below are quiet witness that I am one with music. I had bought this red bandana the day this thought came to my mind that I want a red bandana that I would wear when I get to finally play my guitar.

The guitar had been lying in my closet for a month now. My office hours had consumed my thoughts of taking the time to take it out from its case and play it.

Such has been my office schedule that the most I was able to do was touch the case longingly, after coming home late after a hard day’s work.

But now, everything is fine. I got a 3-day leave to go and visit my village. I took my guitar along, as I knew the time had come.

So, here I am singing and playing a self-composed rock song that I would one day present in front of a big crowd. Till then, this rock is where I will be coming back often from now on, to get to know my Gibson better.

I feel happy now that I am doing what I had only imagined. My black wristband and my arm tattoo fill me with a sense of spirited independence.

I wish I had brought my backpack and tent with me. I would have stayed here and created so much music that it would have been music to my music-inclined friend’s ear.

But then again, life has its way of dictating my moments. I can choose some, while the rest are chosen by life.

See you dear rock, dear shrubs, dear river and mountain for allowing me to be a part of your ecosystem for a while.

I feel the nature’s blessing flowing through my fingers as they dance on the strings of my guitar.


2 comments on “Musical Notes in Nature

  1. Manika khanna
    April 28, 2016

    Music notes in a nice composition…it fills the heart with contentment thinking that this young guy derives satisfaction & pleasure by playing his guitar amidst the beauty & tranquillity of nature.U too start thinking of utilizing ur talent of singing in ur lesuire time.All the best..😊☺

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