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The Boy Who Said Sorry

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I won’t do it again mom, I promise, but he pushed me first, saying that I am just a kid, who doesn’t know better about what’s good for him, so I had to push him back harder and he fell down and hurt himself on his legs without knowing that I didn’t want to hurt him and that I just wanted to show that I was not just a kid who didn’t know much about things, but I was someone who cared for him and felt hurt when he called me a kid without any good reason that made sense.

We are good friends who cannot stay away from each other while playing games or sharing lunch that you give me mom, but then he should know that he cannot take me or our friendship for granted as I have a certain kind of personality that doesn’t like anybody taking a firm tone on me without thinking or feeling that it might pain me in some way that I will remember for a long time, even till I am old and memories will be all that I will have at that time to live the remaining days of my life that I hope I would be able to live with a smile most of the times.

I don’t want to say sorry mom, to tell you the truth, because he deserved that push from me, as you have always told me not to complain but solve anything on my own till I could not do it on my own for any reason, big or small, then I could come to you for help and assistance which I know you will always give me as I am your happy son who always listens to you in order to keep you smiling and satisfied that I will turn into a good boy and an even better man one day just like my dad who you and I love so much.

I just want to thank you now mom for allowing me to go out on the beach alone with my friend today because that’s what I wanted, even though I know that you were watching me secretly that I don’t get into any trouble, which I had promised that I wouldn’t, but things turned out in such a way that here I am holding my ears in front of you earnestly telling me that I wasn’t at fault for pushing him because my friend had said something that I was not ready to believe without any good proof that I could understand in a way that would help me talk about it with you too.

Let me meet him tomorrow again mom, as I have to set things straight with him as I don’t really have any other friend I can play with everyday.



2 comments on “The Boy Who Said Sorry

  1. Manika khanna
    April 28, 2016

    Very touchy & sentimental article..All the paragraphs have been written with lenghty sentences & full stop being only used after the fill paragraph is over..A very cute pic.of an adorable child is being used in this article…somehow it gives a reflection of ur childhood…Well done..😊☺👏👏👍👍

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