I’m a Teen: I have a messy room. I spend most of my time online. I have private things on my phone. I go to bed late and I am crazy about one person.

You cannot have a philosophy of life without living the teenage life. 

By that statement, you do have a philosophy of life and how it treats you, as you have lived the teenage life, or you are currently living it as a teenager.

I came across another statement today:

I am who I am.
I like what I like.
I love who I love.
I do what I want.
Get off my back and deal with it.
It’s my life, not yours.

Do the above lines describe you, the teenager, in any way? They might or might not. But I can give you in cemented writing that: You Will Always Remember Your Teenage Life.

I remember mine all right. Years back, when I was a teenager, my life was mostly about school and not too much about friends. I did have a few friends from school and my neighbourhood, who went to the same school as me.

Those weren’t gadget-driven or App-driven years. We simply met after school during evening in the playground. Then we went back home to complete our homework that our kind teacher gave us daily.

Maybe I don’t have such a sharp memory today, but I don’t think I identified much during my teenage life with the attitude or feeling expressed in the above ‘teen verses’.

Later on as years went by and I crossed the teen years and went into the ‘tween years’, my thinking did get moulded by my external experiences as they unfolded in front of me.

When I came into work mode, I even started working in a school in the role of a public speaking trainer for teens. For three years, I trained young children and teenagers right from sixth grade to eleventh grade (11 years – 17 years age group) in the art of public speaking.

Let me share with you a few thoughts and pictures from August 2009 when I conducted a series of public speaking programmes called ‘Sunday Seminars’. 

In these ‘Sunday Seminars’, the school management tasked me with the responsibility of training school children on how to speak English properly for an event in front of a distinguished gathering of special guests and parents of students too.

I did my best and those teenagers like you too did their best to learn a new skill. They bustled with enthusiasm and were eager to get out of their school routine. They sacrificed half their mandatory Sunday holidays to come to the school auditorium in school uniform and learn the art of public speaking.

public speaking-children seminar5
Me, addressing the students on seminar schedule

For three years, I interacted with these young minds living the teenage life during the Sunday Seminars. I managed to get a fair glimpse of what makes them tick and what doesn’t.

public speaking-children seminar1

public speaking-children seminar3

Me, explaining a point to students regarding an Extempore Speech Contest that they would be participating in during the Sunday Seminar.

public speaking-children seminar2
Students pretend to listen to me attentively as I give them some speech pointers 🙂
public speaking-children seminar4
Another young teenager tries to explain something to me (and I may have agreed) 🙂
public speaking-children seminar7
Me, grandstanding on the stage and trying to drill some points into students. The stage at the back is set for a group of students to take part in Extempore Speech contest 
public speaking-children seminar6
Students at the back get some doubts cleared from me regarding the Speech contest
public speaking-children seminar8
Me, sitting with the timer guy and two other students to take down notes and also explaining rules of Extempore Speech contest to participants and students
public speaking-children seminar9
Me, attempting to clear queries of Class XI student-judges for the contest.

I can tell you that the best thing about these Sunday Seminars was that they were like a two-way street of learning. These young students got to learn something about Public Speaking from me, which I hope in some way helped them in their teenage life. In return, I too learned a few points on how to deal with teens who have so much going on in their smart and intelligent minds.

This was an interesting glimpse of teenage life for me all right. 🙂

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Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. A perfect article..for the tenagers..Actually public speaking really enhances one’s also builds up their confidence…as far as i remember my teenage life i was a bit shy by teachers always encouraged me to participate in dramatics,poem recitation,extempore..but due to lack of confidence. .i used to deny them..they used to appreciate my voice quality but i had stage fear…& used to think what if i forget in the middle..i would be a laughing stock for the i never could summon up the courage to come on the stage.My first stage performance was in MA 1 a humorous play….

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