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Being A Teenager


Being a teenager is not an easy thing, at least today. There’s this feeling that I have that there seems to be too much at stake during teenage life today.

To tell you the truth, I think it is because of the external pressures of media, advertisements, parents, friends and unreachable celebrity role models, teenagers have this extremely heavy weight of expectations on them.

I understand that you teens have a lot going for you today. In other words, there are lots more opportunities available to you now, compared to what was available to me during my teen life years ago. Maybe I was not so ambitious in terms of reaching out for what I wanted, as I preferred to go with the flow. Perhaps, what was important at the time was that I got decent marks in school and that was it in terms of expectations of myself and expectations of my parents.

There  wasn’t peer pressure as such as I didn’t have too many friends and we were not connected 24/7 to each other. Pre-Facebook, Pre-Twitter and Pre-WhatsApp age of my time I think was so much simpler, easy and comfortable. 🙂

Today, it is not so. You guys are connected to each other so well. You are there chatting up offline and online with your friends almost all the time, isn’t it? Well, I guess being a teenager means living a different life today in comparison.

But I would still like to mention three qualities that were not drilled much into me during my time as a teenager. These three qualities if you start thinking about them right from now on when you are a growing teenager should help you in a fair way in many things.

–> 1. Motivation: How you can keep yourself motivated despite all the pressures that you face day in and day out will determine how strong you are going to become later. For motivation, as you already know, read positive things and follow people who inspire you to do much more than you can. Select your role models with a lot of care.

–> 2. Perseverance: It’s easy to stop doing something that is important to you when you come across the first hurdle. But, allow me to tell you that perseverance is one quality that will take you to wherever you want to go. As long as you know clearly what you want, then it is your persevering ability that will set you apart from everyone. Persevere enough and the day will come when you will find yourself standing at the top of the mountain.

–> 3. Self-control: Being a teenager means that there are so many things that will test your self-control. This is a difficult quality to develop. But if you can manage to have some self-control over your thinking, emotions, habits and behaviour that you know is not good for you, then you begin to achieve something very big. And since you know that I consider you guys to be pretty smart, then it means that you know what is good for you and what is not. Develop self-control and you have a great life waiting for you.

These are three top qualities that can give you quite a head-start right from your teenage years to be the successful person that you want to become one day.






2 comments on “Being A Teenager

  1. Manika khanna
    May 3, 2016

    What is like most in ur articles is the conversational’s never ever boring & u do not seem to impose ur thinking on others. GOOD WRITE -UP.CONGRATULATIONS All the important 3 points for success have been vividly explained to the youngsters.

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