Under the Spotlight (Flash Fiction)


It was almost ten at night. Ryan was beginning to feel sleepy, but at the same time he felt pleased with himself.

After 15 hours spread over 5 days, he had finally managed to complete his poem ‘The Human That I Am’. He was proud of it. It was the best out of the 51 poems he had written so far. Now he would post it on his blog and find out by tomorrow how his blog readers would react to it.

‘There, its published now,’ said Ryan, closing his laptop and switching off the wifi. He switched off the light and hit the bed.

As morning came, he got up and got ready for school. While having his breakfast, he checked out his phone to see if anyone had liked his poem. To his surprise, there wasn’t a single Like on his blog post for the poem. But there was one comment: “You wrote this poem? Really? Be careful when you step out of your house today.”

He immediately looked up and caught the eye of his mother peeling some vegetables on the table. She smiled, he too smiled back hurriedly and looked out the window. Then he said bye to his parents and opened the front door of his house.

“Hey Ryan, why did you write this poem?”
“Ryan, did you know he was going to do this?”
“Do you know him? How did you meet him?”
“Do you know he has told you to delete your blog?”
“When will you delete your blog?”

A stunned Ryan saw 10-15 media reporters with cameras and mikes pointed at him. All he could do was open and close his mouth like a fish. Then he felt his phone vibrating and picked up his phone. He quickly stepped back into his house and closed the door.

“You wrote ‘The Human That I Am’? Really? There are five friends of yours staring at my gun as I stand in your school gym. I want you to delete your blog in 15 minutes, or you know what I will do,” said the voice on the phone.

“Who are you? What is this? Is this some stupid prank? How do you know me?” said Ryan in a loud voice.

“Forget all that and tell me that you will delete your blog in 15 minutes.”

“I will not do it. Are you some kind of a joker? Get yourself tested somewhere. Take your pills daily. Stop bothering me,” said Ryan and cut the call.

The phone rang again. Ryan let it ring for sometime, then hesitantly took the call again.

“Hear this sound.”

Ryan heard a loud bang and a sharp cry of a voice. “What has happened? What have you done?” shouted Ryan.

“What do you think has happened, dear Ryan? Now, will you do as I have said, or would you like to hear another sound?”

“Stop it. No. I will do it in 15 minutes,” said Ryan in a panicked voice and immediately ended the call. He tried to open his blog on phone, but for some reason, the Net was not connecting. He immediately went to his room and opened the wifi. He tried again but the mobile failed to connect online to his blog, even though the wifi signal showed ‘on’.

Ryan went to his room. He could not see the laptop on the table. He searched for it frantically now, but it was not there where he had left it. He went to the guest room, but it was not there too. He went to his mom and asked about his laptop, but she hadn’t seen it. He started sweating all over now.

His phone rang again. “Can’t you find your laptop? Ha, Ha, Ha,” said the same voice again. Ryan then heard four loud bangs and four shouts on his phone and the call got disconnected.

“Where’s my laptop, where’s my laptop,” Ryan kept mumbling and dropped down on the sofa.


Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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