When Words Come Together


Words have a certain power in them that you should realise quickly. That power can be utilised for a lot of good, or the opposite.

We use words daily to communicate what we want to say. Of course, we also communicate without words. But, when you put your feelings into words, then the feelings get solidified, so to say. The feelings get added strength, when they combine with words.

Words can be empty, or filled with meaning. This depends on the way a person uses the words to express himself. You know very well, when whatever you are saying is meaningful to you, or not. It is just like that with the listener. The listener can sense the power or powerlessness behind your words as you utter them in front of him.

When words come together for a purpose, then they drive action. After all, if you can motivate anyone to take action with the use of your words, that’s quite an achievement on your part. In the same way, it is also quite important to be careful with the kind of words that land on your ear and you absorb them inside yourself, without any control over them.

So, whether it is words that you say or words that you listen, you have to understand that when they come together as one, they become very powerful.

Be around words that uplift you, not bring you down. This will help you learn much from life and evolve into a much stronger human being.


Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. Very well said..words have the power to make or destroy u,so that is the reason they r being compared to the arrow which once shot from the bow,wouldn’t return back..Hence we r being always asked to be very particular about our words..its better to avoid bitter words as much as possible & use positive words which would help anyone in shaping his/her personality.😊☺👍👏

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