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What It Means To Write

If you have ever consciously taken a pen and a piece of paper in hand and then decided to write something, then probably you have some idea of what it means to write.

After all, why do you write? You write either because someone wants you to write something, or you write because you feel like writing something.

This means, its either an external urge or an internal one. If the motivation is external to write, then most of the time, money is involved. In other words, you are being paid to write. If the motivation is internal, then it is not about the money. It is more about expression.

You have to decide for yourself, why do you want to write anything. Even when you feel like you don’t want to write anything and you still write, then it is a choice and option that you have.

You have the right to write whatever you feel like writing. I give you full permission to write whatever you want. The only condition is: Write.


One comment on “What It Means To Write

  1. wholeheartbliss
    May 13, 2016

    Yes! Write! Love it.

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