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First Half Of My Ideal Day


Walking trail in a jungle

I hope you have taken some time out to imagine how your ideal day would be like.

The kind of day that is just perfect for you right from the time you open your eyes in the morning. If you haven’t done so, I invite you to do it. Don’t you want to experience your ideal day? You do want to, don’t you? So go ahead and just let your imagination free.

And while you are imagining things, let me share with you what my ideal day would look like when I imagine it. More specifically, what my ideal half day would be like.

My ideal day would begin at 5.30 am in the morning, when I wake up and open my eyes. It would feel good to wake up at that time, because I can feel that I had a nice restful sleep of seven hours.

Then I would pray to a higher power giving thanks for the blessings in my life and being filled with gratitude. Then I would get ready for a nice 30-min walk on a jungle walking trail close by. I would feel the nice, clean air on my face and smell the mixed scent of the plants and flowers blooming around the jungle trail. I would also listen to the pleasing sounds of so many different varieties of birds chirping away in the trees and bushes.


Swimming and then a nice breakfast

After coming back, I would step into my home pool for another 3o mins and do some laps and float around in the water. I would look at the sky and clouds as I float in water and feel great as my body also feels happy after the exercise and rest.

By the time its’s 7.30 am, I am ready to have a nice wholesome breakfast with my girlfriend by the pool. She gets up a little later than me. But she always prepares the breakfast with the help of a cook and she is ready to share it with me. We have a nice conversation as we look out at the green forest beyond the pool and discuss what we are going to do. There’s a nice party that we will be attending together in the evening.

Once the breakfast is over, I change into my work clothes and go to my home office located at the back of my villa. But before I reach my office at 9.30 am, I always drop in to the stable where I have my brown & white horse called ‘Captain’. He always neighs happily when he sees me every morning. After he is given a daily brush by his keeper, I ride him in the early evening hours for an hour in the fields nearby.

blog-brown and white

‘Captain’ takes a quick morning gallop

After my stable visit, I reach my office and work happily. My work involves writing interesting books, magazine articles and blog posts. There is always some nice music playing at a low volume in the background. The clock strikes 1.30 pm and it is time for lunch. I am back in the house humming some tune that caught me.

Your Ideal Day

This was my ideal half-day. It feels good to know that I have an ideal day. I hope you too can take out some time from your busy life and just imagine. Just imagine how your ideal day would start right from the morning and how it would continue till lunch. 🙂


2 comments on “First Half Of My Ideal Day

  1. Manika khanna
    May 13, 2016

    Ur ideal day seems beautiful & awesome. .specially the pictures used r worth-praising,only ur girlfriend’s pic is missing,which would have added more meaning & beauty to ur post..wish i could also imagine such a beautiful beginning of an ‘IDEAL DAY’.May ur imaginary ideal day,turn into ur reality soon.Wishing all the best.

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