Impress Yourself


I want you to remember something. Think hard and remember something clearly.

When was the last time you impressed yourself?

Really, I hope you remember exactly why you impressed yourself. That reason behind the fact that you congratulated yourself for something, is the reason that makes the most sense.

If I am not too wrong then I remember patting my own back for something that I had written a few days back. Probably some blogpost or some writing for a client. I don’t remember clearly, but after having done the writing, I felt happy and rather impressed with what I had done. So, with my right hand I patted my left side of the shoulder and smiled.

I hope you too get to pat yourself for something soon. You see, there is no one else who knows you best the way you are, but you. You know what gives you a lift and makes you smile. You know what makes you arch your eyebrows in surprise. And, you know best when you have achieved something worthwhile.

If others realise it, then its fine, if they don’t, then too it’s ok. Because, you are there for you, aren’t you? Even if everyone fails to realise or recognise the biggest achievement that you had a few minutes, hours or days back, then you can just make one comment: So what?

You felt happy. You were even impressed with what you did. This is the best kind of encouragement that you can give yourself. Keep impressing yourself with your genuine action and soon enough people will begin to realise that there’s something special going on with you. And then, they will definitely want to know. That would be the time when you can go ahead and impress them. 🙂



Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. I don’t remember exactly when would i have patted my back,actually it has never happened..Ya surely i keep patting my students’s back when they do a praise-worthy task..have i ever impressed myself..i don’t think so..

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