Let me share with you another contrast that you and I often come to witness in our daily life.

I stepped out of my house in the afternoon today in my colony and I saw this guy lying below a small onion tree. His eyes were closed and he was sleeping.

You may say here: “So, what’s the big deal? People do lie down below a tree and rest”.

I would agree with you on most days, but not today. Definitely not today.

Why? Well, as I stood in the sun and even clicked these pics of this guy, I could feel the hot afternoon sun on me. The equally hot oven-like air around me that is fondly called ‘loo’ in our state, kept whispering challenges to me to stand for another five minutes. I couldn’t.

As you can see in the photos, there isn’t much shade on the guy, yet he is sleeping. From the look of his face, it seemed to be a sound sleep.

The truth is that this guy is a labourer. He worked hard the whole night with his colleagues for some work our neighbour was getting done in his house.

He managed to catch some sleep during the day and I managed to catch his rest at 3.30 pm. As soon as I went inside my house, I asked Baba G to tell me the temperature outside.

He immediately flashed ’46 degrees centigrade’. I was pretty surprised. The screenshot below shows what Baba G told me and what the temperature is expected to be in the next few days in my city Lucknow.

There is this whole research going on in the world about how one can have a good sleep. There are also so many people everywhere who are unable to get a good night’s sleep.

And here is this guy sleeping soundly below a lemon tree, in 46 degrees centigrade with the sun shining brightly on him.

This story is definitely all hot air and heat.



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  1. It is really very surprising that how can a person sleep in this scrouching hot weather,with the sun showing its fiercest form…but if he had laboured hard the whole day, rather slogged full day,then i feel this shade of the tree would be enough for him to have taken the decision to rest there..see how nicely the sheet has been spread on which he is lying down peacefully ;enjoying his sleep in the ‘Loo’.it leaves me to think that sometimes i am unable to enjoy a peaceful sleep even with our AC on.One has to be utterly thankful to the Almighty for all His blessings he has bestowed upon should have the feeling of gratitude towards God..This post teaches us the lesson-Be content & satisfied in every situation u r.

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