Educate, don’t Re-educate

I saw a news item today. It was about changes being made in school syllabus in the state of Rajasthan by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education.

Nothing wrong about making changes and improving something. But what raises everyone’s eyebrows is when the said education board decides to fade out certain historical facts.

The board has decided to not just fade out and completely ignore some facts, but add some entirely new facts and put a twist on others.

There is no reference that Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India and no mention of Mahatma Gandhi’s assasination. Moreover, in all seriousness, there is a letter to a cow by a student as a chapter in the school syllabus.

Observers are clear that this is nothing but a step to politicise education too. So are the Rajasthan students getting a true picture of history, or is it the current government’s version of history that they have to memorise?

I think school and education should be left out of politics. Are those in government so scared that if true version of history as it is taught honestly in other states is allowed, then school students will start thinking critically, without any bias?

Today’s students are brighter compared to when you were in school, dear esteemed members of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. They will find the true facts, however much you try to hide it or ignore it.

Kindly educate these intelligent students, don’t re-educate them.

Published by Raza

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  1. I totally agree with u,that kindly educate the students, don’t re-educate them.They r far more intelligent than what we were when we were in school and moreover our knowledge was derived from syllabus & library books only;but these students can gain knowledge on only subject by typing on Google & searching for it . let’s give them the true picture of our ancient history rather than changing the actual facts.

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