Water & Cleanliness Become Important

India is currently facing a heat wave. My city Lucknow including cities like Kanpur, Allahabad, Delhi areas have come in the category of ‘ORANGE ALERT’ by the Weather Department for the next three days.

Orange Alert means that the cities, including Lucknow will experience temperature ranging between 44.4 to 47.5 degrees centigrade. You can well imagine the condition of our cities in this heat. There are advisories being given out that people should avoid going out in the sun between 11 am – 4 pm and other precautions.

When the heat is there, then naturally water concerns are there. There is water shortage in many areas, so the administration in coordination with volunteers is calling on people not to waste water.

There is also a cleanliness campaign that is being done with volunteers going to select colonies on trial basis and telling people not to litter and throw garbage here and there.

Good initiatives are being taken in such heat.  Hope the volunteers manage to convince people of the need to save water and have clean surroundings too.

Published by Raza

Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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