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Open Your Own Door of Opportunity

I don’t talk much. But there are times when I start talking a lot.

My ‘talking days’ or ‘talking moments’ don’t come often. They are irregular. But when such moments come then it becomes difficult for me to stop.

Today I had one of those ‘talking moments’. I met my nephew at his place in the afternoon. He is a nice, intelligent young guy, getting ready to enter the world of work. He has completed his post-graduation in Masters of Commerce. A few days back he has also completed the final semester of his two-year MBA programme, with specialisation in marketing and finance.

We got into discussion on what he is planning to do. He said he had applied for some bank vacancies. He said he was also being told to leave Lucknow and go to Mumbai or even abroad in Dubai.

This got me talking. My main points to him were:

1. If a person wants to work, then there is always work available. And a city like Lucknow with 45 lakh people is a big city where you will find work you want to do.

2. If you are just starting your work experience, then you should start approaching companies with your learned skill sets. You should not expect much with regards to pay. Even if you get a small amount of Rs 10,000/- in the name of stipend, then you should take it.

3. If you tell any company that you are an MCom degree holder and an MBA with dual specialisation and you are willing to work for 10,000/- only, then you have a chance. Plus, you have some work experience too in the name of bank audits that you have done while doing internship under a CA.

4. Your objective right now is to get experience in your CV. If you get to work in a company, and you want finance department work, then you can tell company that they can try you as financial assistant in their accounts department for just three months at a small amount of 10,000/- per month only.

5. If you contact 50 companies in Lucknow with your offer and skill set of 10,000/- per month for just 3 months trial, then you will definitely get 5 companies who would take you up on your offer. Its the Pareto principle at work.

6. Told him that I got my clients by approaching them directly with my offer and skill sets. He too should try this method.

7. You should open your own door of opportunity. You should not wait for opportunity to open a door for you.

8. Go and contact 50 companies in the city. You will get 30 ‘No, we don’t want your offer’ response. But there will be 15, who might show some interest in your offer. And then you will find 5 companies who will definitely take you up on your offer.

This is the discussion I had with my nephew and I talked a lot for a short period of time. ☺


3 comments on “Open Your Own Door of Opportunity

  1. Carl D'Agostino
    May 26, 2016

    You have to get out there and make it happen. It is wise to research the company so you can have meaningful conversation with the interviewer.

  2. Manika khanna
    May 20, 2016

    I agree witb u on 3,4 ,5,7 & 8th pt..mentioned in ur post..These days young pass out MBA students wish to get at least not less than 25000 to 30000 rs montly..from the starting itself..They should explore for job opportunities in their cities first then hunt it outside…i am surprised to know about the population of luck ow through ur post.its surely a densely populated city which can offer many job opportunities to youngsters.

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