Two Basic Rules of Social Media Marketing

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I am compelled to write about Social Media Marketing today.

I will write about it yet again and again and again till some intelligent marketing guys finally get it. I wrote about some social media tips for small business owners earlier.

Currently I am just this guy who follows social media trends and online marketing and even does social media-cum-online marketing for a company or two.

Allow me to share with you some thoughts. If you are running a company as an Owner or Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO), here are two basic rules of Social Media Marketing that you should absolutely remember. There are only two basic rules, ok, as far as I am concerned, so they are easy to remember.

–> 1. Plan for Social Media Marketing: I know you are a busy guy with so many important decisions to make or postpone and meetings to attend as you guide your company towards agreed objectives. But I really hope that you have taken social media marketing into the mix of your comprehensive marketing efforts of the company. Of course you do have a fair marketing budget for your offline promotions and TV/radio spots and print ads. I know you are smart and intelligent, so you also have an operational Company Facebook and Twitter account, at the very least to promote your company. Now do the right thing and ensure that the Facebook and Twitter icons are prominently displayed on the Company website at the top left of the page. Kindly also ensure that the links on those two social media icons are clickable and working just fine. Those valuable links should lead the visitors to your Company’s operational Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Don’t you even think of running your Company website without these two operational social media channels. OK? This is basic rule number one.

–> 2. Implement Social Media Marketing: Now that you have done the right moral thing in terms of marketing by having two operational social media channels on your company website, allow me to congratulate you. Why? Well, sadly, many companies in today’s hi-tech age have still not taken this first step and they are not even aware of the Basic Rule number one of social media marketing.

On to Basic Rule number two now. Kindly ensure that somebody who knows about social media marketing handles the Facebook and Twitter accounts of your precious company. Not just any guy who sits in front of a computer, but some kind of an expert, who understands social media to some extent. Now, get that special someone to operate Facebook and Twitter of your company regularly. Ideally, somebody should be posting and tweeting daily on social media about your company. The public’s first direct contact and interaction with your company today is on social media channels. If you can implement your social media marketing with regular posts and reply intelligently and quickly to comments and messages, your company will already be many steps ahead of your competitors.

See! Just two basic rules if you follow, you gain so much.

If you have any thoughts on this, you can comment below and I will respond.Promise 🙂

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Content writer and constant learner in the digital marketing field

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  1. Both the two points are well defined & expained..People who r into business or r seeting up their business,if they follow these two major footsteps, i hope they would be able to do better than their competitors..All the best for the prosperous business u & others..

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