Some of you know that I am a freelance writer also, besides being a digital/online marketer.

As part of my freelance writing, I keep getting assignments to write articles for magazines. Besides this, I also handle Email Marketing, Blogging for business and Social Media Marketing for different companies. This is all part of my digital/online marketer portfolio of services.

Today, allow me to share with you my recent promotion article that I did for Uttar Pradesh Tourism that appeared in a Mumbai magazine ‘Harmony’ in its latest June 2016 issue. This article was on the theme of visiting Bundelkhand area in Uttar Pradesh during Monsoon period, which is just going to start here in North India. You will find my byline at the end of this article.

Hope you find the article interesting. 🙂

Harmony-June 2016-Bundelkhand1
Cover of June 2016 issue of Harmony magazine
Harmony-June 2016-Bundelkhand2
My article on Bundelkhand in Harmony magazine
Harmony-June 2016-Bundelkhand3
My article on Bundelkhand in Harmony magazine

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