My name is Raza Hasnain Naqvi. Quite a mouthful, I agree. So just call me Raza.

for blog

I live in the capital city Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

I am a freelance writer and social media guy. I do freelance writing and social media marketing work for clients in diverse segments that include FMCG, media and advertising fields.

I am the guy who runs this blog (website) BylineRaza.com

What I write:

  • I write about topics related to personal growth
  • I write about social media trends and marketing
  • I write short stories

Why the word ‘Byline’

I have used the word Byline in the name of this blog.

As you already know: Byline is a line in a newspaper or magazine naming the writer of an article. I have worked for both newspapers and magazines and contributed/written exclusive articles for them under my byline ‘Raza Hasnain Naqvi’.

Hence the moniker ‘Byline’ before my first name ‘Raza’ for this blog. To get a glimpse of my byline articles in newspapers and magazines, click here

Ebook Author

I am also an Amazon Kindle ebook author. I have written and published (in June 2013) a creative non-fiction ebook on Psy, the Gangnam Style guy titled ‘When Aliens Met Psy’. You can check it out, click here

I also have writing and editing experience of about 10+ years, where besides writing articles, I have edited reports filed by reporters/journalists, in-house magazine, school magazine, fliers and leaflets.

My Interests

Music: Jazz, Soft melodies, symphonies

Films: Sci-fi, Super-heroes, Superpower themed ones and sports-themed ones

TV Shows:
(ENGLISH) – Friends, Game of Thrones, Heroes, Homeland, Breaking Bad, Lost, X-Files, Big Bang Theory, Mozart in the jungle, Dr Who

Through this blog, my objective is to build my voice that resonates well with like-minded people and forge a community of caring and generous people.

Happy reading and keep it positive!


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