Your Reading Habit

It is always good to develop the habit of reading. Once you are in the habit of reading good books, even good articles in magazines or websites, then it helps you in many ways. As you read a new author or writer, you get a fresh perspective on life. You get a chance to view […]

Ali Brothers and the First Jihad — A Novel (Chapter Seven)

Previous Chapters here Chapter 7 — The Good Word There is always a word that ends it. One word that brings to an end everything that the mind can imagine and believe. If that word is used, a new beginning comes into existence. The old disintegrates giving place to the new. What was that word, […]

What you can learn from a video game

“From a video game? Ya…sure. Why not! I can learn lots from a video game!” 🙂 That’s how I think you would answer my question: “Guess, what you can learn from a video game?” You have played many video games isn’t it? Yes, I know you have played video games on either one or many […]