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The Times of India newspaper, Lucknow, May

NEWSPAPER REPORT: Restoring the glory and grandeur
(Published in ‘The Times of India’ newspaper)

The Times of India newspaper report

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HOW BLOGGING HELPS A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY 📝 Most of you know about blogging and its benefits. Some of you even blog regularly. Let's see how blogging serves a digital marketing agency. . . 1. FRESH CONTENT: Whenever a digital marketing agency publishes a blog post, it gets eyes on its thought process. Any smart prospective client who happens to visit the agency website, does check out the agency blog. They are looking to know what kind of content the agency creates and how relevant is it. If there is fresh, relevant content regularly on the blog, the business owner is impressed. He wants to do business with the agency. 💲 . . 2. SPREADS HAPPINESS: Do you know that blogging spreads happiness and satisfaction? Well, in a way it does. Good blogging by an agency makes a busIness owner smile as she reads how the agency works and how it solves business challenges. She imagines her own business getting a good boost from the agency’s work. 📈 . . 3. MAKES GOOGLE HAPPY: When a digital marketing agency blogs good content often, Google also becomes happy. Google spiders who index all websites on the web, quickly understand that the agency’s content seems valuable. Google then raises the search engine ranking of the agency’s website. Result: More traffic. 🏍️ . . 4. ALIVE & WELL: It is good for an agency to blog regularly. If an agency blogs at least one post per week, it is enough to send out a healthy message. That message to all its prospective clients is: We are alive and well. Come, let’s do business together! 💐 . . . (And yes, I am having a Starbucks coffee at 12.30 am on Shibuya crossing. ☕️) . . . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketer #digital #blogging #blogger #bloggingtips #blogginglife #clients #business #businessowner #businesses #shibuya #shibuyacrossing #shibuyacafe #starbucks #starbuck #googlesearch #google
5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE ATTENTION ECONOMY 🤹 1.THEY ARE HERE: Economy. That’s a nice serious word isn’t it. In its essence, you understand that economy has something to do with money and finance. Let me now introduce you to another term - ATTENTION ECONOMY. Heard of it? No? It’s ok. Let me just say that YOU are the pivot, the focus, the centre-point of the Attention Economy. And...They are here for you. You are Their target. 🎯 . . 2. THEY WANT YOU: In the Attention Economy, it is not money that is top priority. It is your attention that everyone wants. Priority number one for Them is how to attract you. How to get your mind wrapped in things that are important for Them is their objective. And they want you...badly. 🛃 . . 3. THEY KNOW YOU: How well do you know yourself? Well… in the Attention Economy, They know you better than you know yourself. They know what you like, what you desire, what irritates you, what makes you happy, where you go, when you go there, what you eat, when you come online and when you go offline. You may ignore all these personal things. But these things are life-giving oxygenated blood for Them. 💉 . . 4. YOU ARE THE PRODUCT: There is a market. There are buyers. And you are the product. You are being numbers. In the Attention Economy, they want your attention at any cost in order to convert you into a product. They want to add you to their group of numbers and then package you properly. Then this package with you in it, is sold to the highest bidder for your attention. And you think you are a free bird.🐦 . . 5. THEY WON’T STOP: They don’t see you as you. You are a dollar amount to them. All this initiative about GDPR, privacy policy and better transparency is all to know Them. But They are smarter. They won’t stop coming after you in this attention economy. You are THAT valuable for Them. 🦉 . . . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #economy #attention #socialselling #attentionseeker #attentioneconomy  #chair #highchair #colombo #hotelchair #hotellounge #googlesearch #googlemaps #google
HOW DOES DIGITAL MARKETING HELP YOUR BUSINESS 🌐 1. HELPS IN BRAND PROMOTION: You have a nice product or service. Obviously, you want people to know about it. Why not contact all those offline marketing channels like print ads, tv ads, radio ads, flyers, brochures for promotions? Yes go ahead. But ask all those offline marketing channel owners one question after they have run your ad. HOW MANY PEOPLE exactly saw my ad on your marketing channel and what action did they take? Their answer: 😷😨 Yup! Now, put the same question to any good digital marketer with whom you promoted your brand. His answer: 🤐😇😀. Yup! He'll smile and give you such digital stats about your brand promotion that you will go 😮😍. . 2. HELPS IN LEAD GENERATION: 'Lead' in marketing terms means an enquiry. So lead generation means generating enquiries. What kind of enquiries? About your business, madam. 🤗 Digital marketing is great for lead generation. You can pay a small amount for digital ads and get people enquiring about your business fast. Or, you can educate people and have them enquiring for free by building a bond of trust with them in a more gradual manner. 🏌️ . 3. HELPS IN KYC: There is something called KYC or Know Your Customer. This is a very bank/financial institutions related term. They do KYC of all their clients. Tell me, as a business owner, what is stopping you from doing your own KYC of your prospective customers? Ask any digital marketer if he can tell you something about your prospective customer after you run a digital ad with them. He will go ahead and gladly tell you things like: the age group of your customer, the city or country she came from, whether he used mobile or desktop to see your ad, what she likes on your website and so on. This is why digital marketing is slowly taking over the world's marketing consciousness. 🤓 . . . (And yes, that is indeed a PURE LEATHER shoe I am standing with in an exhibition I went to.) 😉 . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #digital #marketing #brand #leads #leadgeneration #customers #businessowner #entrepreneur #leather #shoes #shoesaddict #businesses #exhibition
HOW CAN I START DIGITAL MARKETING -- 3 STEPS 🔔 1. READ & UNDERSTAND: If you are really interested in digital marketing then the first step you need to take is the most obvious one. Type 'digital marketing' on Google and then start reading material on top-ranked websites that google shows you. Read whatever you understand and skip the rest. Read daily for 15 minutes morning and 15 minutes in the evening. That's it. It's not a lot is it? Do this for 7 days first. This will be your start in the digital marketing world. ✔️🥕 . 2. CHECK & ASSESS: I know you visit a few of your favourite websites daily. What I want you do next is to check those websites with an enquiring eye. You need to check whether they have social icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other listed on the website Home page. Then check and click those social icons and go to their social media channels. Now, once there, assess what kind of postings and promotions is the company doing there and how often. Since you have been reading about digital marketing as your first step, this will open your eyes to how social media marketing is being done by companies. ✔️🍎 . . 3. CREATE BUSINESS PLATFORM: Ok, this sounds deep, hard and serious, but it really isn't. All of you are on Facebook aren't you? So, now all you need to do is create a Business FB page or Fan page, from your FB profile page. It's not difficult, pretty easy. Then you need to seriously think about ONE THING. What is that ONE THING (any one favourite topic that interests you) that you will talk about in your business FB page. Yes. Just one topic on which you will post on this new page. No random stuff that you do on your profile page. Just one topic. And you need to start posting daily on that page. This is the 1st serious way to start doing digital marketing for a beginner. 🙂✔️ . . (And yes, I am standing in Connaught Place, the kidney of Delhi) 🐆🎆 . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #facebookmarketing #connaughtplace #delhi #facebook #socialmediatraining #website #websitetips #googlesearch
REMEMBER 3 POINTS WHILE CREATING DIGITAL CONTENT 📣 ===================== 1. WORK ONLINE ONLY: You need to develop a new digital habit now. This habit is about putting a stop to all the computer work that you do offline. This would include creating that Microsoft word file, that excel sheet, those PPTs (PowerPoint) and all other stuff that you do offline on your laptop or desktop. You are living in the digital age. Start working online only now. Get your Google drive in order and work all those word documents, excels and PPTs there. This way you can access them everywhere, including your all important smartphone mobile. 📱 . 2. NO LONG-FORM ONLINE TYPING: You should never type any long-form content (or even shorter content) on any digital platform directly. Why? Well, I have done this earlier and I have come close to getting up and kicking my chair violently. Reason is, when you type content directly online, there is no auto-save going on. You are typing say --- a blog post comment, a longer comment on any social media platform, filling out some online form or writing anything with so much focus and then.....Everything vanishes...As if all those 50-200 words you had typed were never there!!! Blank page. Why? Any tech error could have occurred, you submit and nothing happened...All gone. It is even more dicey on a smartphone. You accidentally touch some where and that page with your typing is gone. So type your content some place that has auto-save. Then copy-paste it wherever you want.👊 . 3. TRIPLE-CHECK YOUR TYPING: All of us type a lot on our smartphones now. We use less laptop and desktop typing. And we have all faced major embarassment on one thing - AUTO-CORRECT. That auto-correct is a thief @#$%. You type something happily and something else gets sent. You have had to apologise so many times to the receiver. So...triple-check what you are typing and get that auto-correct to behave. 📲 . (And yes, I am standing in front of statue of Bharat Mata - mother of India) 🙏 #digitalraza #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #content #contentmarketing #online #googledrive #digitalwork #typing
THREE WEBSITE TIPS FOR A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY 💻 1. CASE STUDIES: I know your clients are happy with your agency work. Now, why don't you make your prospective clients also happy. Tell them how you achieved results for your current clients with detailed case studies. Put the case studies on your website. Include in each client case study - * How the client reached out to you, * What business challenges he shared, * How your agency team devised a digital marketing strategy for the client, * How that digital marketing strategy was implemented * What were the final results ----------------------------------------- . 2. BLOG: Yes, you do need to have a blog on your agency website. But that won't be enough. You do need to have a blog on which you publish at least one relevant post every week. I have seen enough agency websites with a blog that is completely ignored. I don't need to tell you, but still...With a blog you can: * Talk about the exciting projects your agency is working on * Talk about the wonderful team you have * Talk about the amazing achievements of your agency * Talk about how you run your agency in an AGILE efficient environment * Talk about why your clients like your agency so much -------------------------------------- . 3. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS: Ok, so this is embarassing for me. But I need to remind you that you do have social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Youtube on your website. Yes, you have them. You have forgotten them, but I saw them. However, when I clicked on them, what did I see? Nada. In other words, nothing. Or, there are no current FB posts, tweets or YT videos on your social profiles. Guys, what's going on. Update all your social platforms with latest content. Then preferably update daily. Think seriously about the first impression you want to create on your clients interested in good social media marketing. ☺️👍 . . (And yes, I am indeed standing in front of a bullet train or Shinkansen on the platform in Kyoto during my Japan trip this April 2018 😀) . #digitalraza #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #websitedesign #websitetips #blogging
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