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Water & Cleanliness Become Important

India is currently facing a heat wave. My city Lucknow including cities like Kanpur, Allahabad, Delhi areas have come in the category of ‘ORANGE ALERT’ by the WeatherΒ Department for the … Continue reading

May 18, 2016 · Leave a comment

Educate, don’t Re-educate

I saw a news item today. It was about changes being made in school syllabus in the state of Rajasthan by the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. Nothing wrong about … Continue reading

May 17, 2016 · 2 Comments

Sound Sleep in 46 degrees heat

Hard work can make the body sleep and rest even in the most impossible situations.

May 16, 2016 · 2 Comments

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THREE CRITICAL FACTORS OF MOBILE SEO 🎯 . You do use a search engine daily, don't you? πŸ–±οΈ . I mean you go online everyday and search for something on the Internet. And I am guessing you do this online search daily using your smartphone. πŸ“² . If you land up on a website that has just the right information that you wanted, you feel good. And this is why mobile SEO (search engine optimization) is so important. You - the random visitor reached a business website that solved your problem. You win, the business wins. πŸŽ–οΈ . That business whose website gave you answers to your information search most probably had done SEO. Google liked it and boosted that page to your awareness. πŸŽ† . Now businesses have to take it to the next level with mobile SEO. πŸ“‘ . THREE CRUCIAL MOBILE SEO FACTORS πŸ’‘ . When your web design team or partner digital marketing agency begins its mobile SEO work on your website, keep these three crucial points in mind. πŸ“– . #1. WEBSITE SPEED - Your website needs to be so fast that it needs to open in 3 seconds or less on any smartphone. Failure here means immediate drop in business conversions. πŸ’Ή . #2. WEBSITE UX - Your website UX (user experience) on a smartphone had better be smooth and impressive for website visitors. Failure here means bad first impression, and big smiles on faces of your competitors. 😎 . #3. WEBSITE CONTENT - All your website content that displays on any laptop should be same as what displays on any smartphone. No variation allowed. Content also has to be optimised for small mobile screen. πŸ“± . . . { Read about these points in more detail on my latest blog post. Go to profile link } ⬅️ . . . . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #socialmedia #internetmarketing #digitalmarketer #lucknow #lucknowblogger #entrepreneur #content #contentmarketing #socialmediaagency #socialmediamarketing #businessowner #digitalselling #digitalagency #creativeagency #agency #agencylife #client #businessman #businesswoman #seo #mobileseo #blogging #websitedesign
WHY SOCIAL MEDIA IS USED AS ONLINE CUSTOMER SERVICE πŸ”Š . You may remember at least one example where you have left a complaint on a social account of a brand. πŸ—£οΈ . You complained because you were dissatisfied with the brand product or service. So you left a negative feedback about the brand. ❌ . On that social account of brand, your negative comment could be seen by everyone who landed on that brand account. πŸ‘οΈ . If the brand was smart, they would have responded quickly in a few hours and resolved your problem. You would have been satisfied. πŸ’– . But many brands are not smart. They take social media lightly. They don't care about negative comments about their business. They hardly brother about negative perception of their brand. πŸ’” . What happens to such brands soon? πŸ‘‹ . They find themselves pushed out of the consumer's mind. The market too begins to show them the exit door. πŸ”’ . This is why social media is also used as default online consumer service of a brand. πŸ“ . SOCIAL BENEFITS βœ’οΈ . βœ”οΈ #1. It is easy to lodge a grievance against a business. . βœ”οΈ #2. It is easy to get your grievance resolved by a smart and caring business brand. . βœ”οΈ # 3. It is easy to spread word of mouth publicity about the quick responsiveness of the brand. . . . . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #socialmedia #internetmarketing #digitalmarketer #lucknow #lucknowblogger #entrepreneur #content #contentmarketing #socialmediaagency #socialmediamarketing #businessowner #digitalselling #digitalagency #creativeagency #agency #agencylife #businessman #businesswoman #marketing #business #customer #customerservice #vistara #vistaraairlines
WHO READS A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY BLOG πŸ’» . Most of us who spend hours online, do read some text too. Of course, we do browse and scroll away merrily like everyone else. But a few of us end up reading articles and blog posts also. πŸ““ . Since I am in the digital marketing field, I tend to read a number of digital marketing blogs. πŸ“— . More specifically, I read blog posts published by digital marketing agencies. I feel their blog posts would be most relevant as they are the one's directly dealing with digital marketing clients. πŸ’‘ . But, to be honest I may not be the ideal reader that an agency blog would want. πŸ”½ . β˜‘οΈ MOST WANTED READERS OF AN AGENCY BLOG . In my opinion, there are two valuable and ideal categories of readers that any digital agency blog would love. πŸ’‘ . 1⃣ BUSINESS OWNER: When a business owner reads a digital agency blog, then that's a healthy sign for the agency. . This means that what the agency says in its blog makes sense to the business owner. Soon enough that business owner will either send a mail or call the agency for a digital solution to her business problem. πŸ“ž . Blog works. Happy agency gets a hot lead. πŸ’° . 2⃣ MARKETING TEAM OF A BUSINESS OWNER: If any member of the in-house marketing team of a business owner is checking out a digital agency blog, that's great. . This clearly means the in-house marketing team is researching agencies to hire. πŸ”Ž . At this point, blog posts of a digital agency need to convince the business owner's marketing team members that they would be the best hire. πŸ–±οΈ . If the agency can portray confidence here, the agency gets a call to make a pitch. πŸ‹οΈ . Blog works. Happy agency gets a hot lead. πŸ’° . . πŸ“‘ Do check out my website link in profile to read more digital marketing insights. . . . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #socialmedia #internetmarketing #digitalmarketer #lucknow #lucknowblogger #entrepreneur #content #contentmarketing #socialmediaagency #socialmediamarketing #businessowner #digitalselling #digitalagency #creativeagency #agency #agencylife #client #businessman #businesswoman #marketing #pitch #blogging #swing
DID YOU ASK YOUR BUSINESS CLIENT FOR A RECOMMENDATION? 🎺 . The Cambridge English Dictionary defines Recommendation as: A suggestion that something is good or suitable for a particular purpose or job. πŸ’‘ . According to an industry report, the number one reason for digital agencies ending up on a prospective business owner’s radar is via recommendations. πŸ“ . YOUR TOP DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY πŸ“Œ . Even a digital marketing agency is a business in itself. In order to promote itself, the top digital marketing strategy needs to be recommendations from satisfied business clients. 🎢 . There is a saying: β€œGood digital agencies hope to get a recommendation from their happy clients for good service. Great digital agencies actively seek a recommendation from their happy clients for good service.” πŸ“£ . WHY A RECOMMENDATION MATTERS πŸ₯ . # 1. Honest Assessment βœ”οΈ . When your happy client makes a suggestion to his acquaintance in his business circle that your agency is good, then she has assessed you well. It is an honest appraisal. πŸ“‹ . # 2. Trust builder βœ”οΈ . There is an element of trust that is built-up between your agency and your happy client when you have done honest work that got results. When this happy client makes a recommendation to her business friend about you, this element of trust gets transferred to that new friend too. πŸ’ž . # 3. Friction-free collaboration βœ”οΈ . There is so much less friction to deal with when you get hired on a recommendation. You evoke trust as you are tried and tested by someone the new business owner trusts. πŸ•Ί . πŸ›… INDUSTRY FACT: Almost 80% of clients say they would be happy to give a recommendation, provided their agency has fulfilled their end of the contract properly. . . . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #socialmedia #internetmarketing #digitalmarketer #lucknow #lucknowblogger #entrepreneur #content #contentmarketing #socialmediaagency #socialmediamarketing #businessowner #digitalselling #newbusiness #newbusinesses #digitalagency #creativeagency #agency #agencylife #recommendation #recommendations #client #slides #parkslide
WHAT’S THE BIGGEST WIN FOR A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY? πŸ’‘ . Digital marketing today is all about promoting business online. A good digital marketing agency ensures that they do this job well to win the business owner’s complete trust. πŸ˜‡ . Smart business owners know this power of digital marketing. They know that now many of their competitors are also aware of digital selling. πŸ‡ . WHEN DIGITAL MARKETING CALLS πŸ•Ί . The biggest responsibility here lies at the feet of digital marketing agencies. They know best what is at stake for a business that answers the call of the digital. πŸ“£ . A good digital marketing agency cannot ignore the prime responsibility it has towards business owners. This prime responsibility is: Educate the businessmen and businesswomen. πŸ“š . Educate them about the power of the digital medium and how it affects sales in general today and digital sales in particular. πŸ›’ . THREE WINS OF A DIGITAL AGENCY πŸ“Œ . # 1. NEW BUSINESS: The biggest win for any digital marketing agency, new or established is: New Business. πŸ’° . Yes. New business is that life-giving blood for a digital agency without which it cannot sustain itself for long. πŸ–²οΈ . If you have enough experience running a digital marketing agency, then you know something important. Stress and internal agency matters are much better handled when new business keeps flowing into the agency. πŸ’· . When there is no new business coming in and the internal agency matters become persistent, then decision-making gets tinged with haste and even a sense of panic. Such decisions do not bring good results and the agency takes a further hit. ⛏️ . . βœ”οΈ [Interested in reading more about this in detail and also about 2 other major wins of a digital agency?] . πŸš©γ€Check out my latest blog post in my profile link】 . . . . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #socialmedia #internetmarketing #digitalmarketer #lucknow #lucknowblogger #entrepreneur #content #contentmarketing #socialmediaagency #socialmediamarketing #businessowner #digitalselling #competitor #competitors #newbusiness #newbusinessowner #newbusinesses #digitalagency #creativeagency #agency #agencylife
GET FEEDBACK FROM YOUR CLIENTS PLEASE πŸ“‹ . Are you a professional digital marketer running a digital marketing agency, or working in a digital marketing agency? πŸ’» . If you are, then I would request you to actively start collecting honest feedback from your current customers/clients. Here’s why: πŸ”¬ . ✴️THEY MAY MOVE: Yes, this is entirely possible. If you assume that your clients are 100% happy with your digital marketing service, then you may be surprised. Get honest feedback from them and take action on it. πŸ•Ί . ✴️ KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS: You need to know what you are not doing right for your clients. Clients are the only ones who can tell you about it. You can’t guess. Take that feedback and become self-aware, then improve. πŸ‘₯ . ✴️ KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS: You should know your digital marketing strengths. Clients also should testify to it with their honest feedback. Again, don’t assume or guess anything. The word of your client carries more weight than your confidence. πŸ—£οΈ . ✴️ GET REFERENCES: Since you are running a digital marketing business or working in one, you already know this golden marketing rule: Get References. Cajole your happy clients in a feedback to give you new business references. πŸ’• . ✴️ SERVE CLIENTS WELL: You know there is something called CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost. You have to spend more dollars acquiring a new customer/client, than keeping a current customer/client happy. Get that feedback to know that you are serving them well. 🎀 . You may be super-confident of your digital marketing services. But never be super-confident of your clients. πŸ‹οΈ . They may decide to leave you and you may not even know about it...till later. 🎳 . That honest client feedback keeps you and your client on the same page. ⛳️ . . . . . . #digitalraza #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingagency #socialmedia #internetmarketing #digitalmarketer #lucknow #lucknowblogger #entrepreneur #content #contentmarketing #socialmediaagency #socialmediamarketing #businessowner #businessman #businesswoman #business #client #clientappreciation #customer #customerservice #customerappreciation #feedback #clientfeedback #happyclient #happyclients
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