Seven things you can do this Moharram

By Raza Hasnain Naqvi As most of you probably know, the month of Moharram has started. 1st of Moharram was on 6th November, 2013. It is the month of mourning for Shia Muslims all over the world, where they remember and mourn the supreme sacrifice of Imam Hussain (grandson of Prophet Mohammad, founder of Islam), his [...]

BR#7: Do you live for the applause?

A week back I came across Lady Gaga’s latest song ‘Applause’. After checking out the video, I was keen on knowing the lyrics of the song. On reading the lyrics, the theme of the song became clear to me. In the song Lady Gaga talks about the importance of energetic applause and appreciation in her [...]

BR#6: Future Mirror – A short story

Let me share with you my second short story titled 'Future Mirror'. It has around 2800 words, with approx reading time of 18-20 minutes. ~ Raza ***** FUTURE MIRROR “Hey, Toshi, see you at the party today!” “Ya, sure. I won’t miss it. Get someone for me too,” shouted Toshi from his office cubicle. ‘As [...]