Short stories

Here are links to a few short stories that I have written.

1. Butterfly Powder
August 2013 / 2200 words
(What happens when an eccentric young man gets fascinated with a dead butterfly)

2. Future Mirror
August 2013 / 2800 words
(Toshi gets a mirror and finds that it shows his future of the next 24 hours)

3. Win the Race
December 2013 / 1983 words
(Jari is the 100 metre inter-college athletic champion. Now, he has a challenger)

4. Blank Screen
December 2013 / 1990 words
(School-going Kashif takes up the challenge not to use his mobile and laptop for 48 hours.)

5. Stone Flower
September 2014 / 1950 words
(A friendship bond is tested by four friends. Does it break?)


~ Raza Hasnain Naqvi

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