Five Things You Need to be a Freelance Writer

Are you thinking of being a freelance writer? Here’s the secondary, but more important question: Why are you thinking of being a freelance writer? In other words, what I am asking you is to think deep and hard about your reason to be a freelance writer, in case you are leaning in that direction. If […]

Three Kinds of Writers at Your Service

There isn’t just one kind of a writer. For your information, there are three kinds of writers who are practicing their art with dedication, discipline, imagination and a whole lot of commitment.

What You Can Learn From a Fiction Writer

Is life fact or fiction? There are many who would vigorously exclaim that life is fact. But then, you might come across so many life stories in news reports, online blogs/websites, or feature articles in magazines and even TV reports, that you shake your head and exclaim: ‘Is this for real? Is this fact or […]